Headache and Migraine Service

Is your quality of life or activity levels negatively affected by headaches or migraines?

The Watson Headache® Approach has been developed and refined over many years of clinical practice, research and treatment of over 8,000 headache and migraine patients by Dr Dean Watson (PhD).  Only practitioners trained in the Watson Headache® Approach can deliver this treatment.

Research has shown that people suffering from headaches and migraines can have a sensitized lower brain stem.  This sensitization can be a result of dysfunction of the upper 3 cervical vertebra.

Using the Watson Headache® Approach, careful assessment can confirm if dysfunction in the upper neck is responsible for your headache or migraine, including which spinal joints are involved.

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Are you tired of taking medication to manage them?

The careful examination and management techniques practiced with an uncomplicated clinical reasoning process, is based on published scientific (peer-reviewed) research. It involves sustained pressures applied in a systematic way, it is gentle and does not involve ‘clicking’ or ‘cracking’ of the neck.  Temporary reproduction and resolution (easing) of your head pain confirms upper neck dysfunction.

Once the dysfunction is corrected, the brainstem can desensitize and you will experience significant relief, and often complete resolution of the headache or migraine.

Improvement is expected within 4-5 treatments.  Over 80% of clients report 80% or more improvement in their symptoms, even if they have had them for years.  While we cannot guarantee successful outcomes for everyone, we know that the vast majority do experience significant reduction, if not totally resolved, in their recurring headaches or migraines long term, without the need for ongoing treatment or medication.

What to expect

Initial Assessment

Your initial assessment will be up to 1 hour.  During this time, your physiotherapist will carry out a detailed interview about your symptoms, followed by a hands on assessment of your neck to determine if it is the cause of your headache or migraines.

If it is found that the Watson Headache® Approach may be beneficial in the management of your headaches and migraines, then treatment will start during this first consultation.

The assessment and treatment process will be explained throughout to ensure you are fully informed, you are in control and can stop the assessment or treatment at any stage.


Follow Up Treatments

Follow up treatments will take 30 minutes.  Treatment will involve the problematic vertebrae identified, and will likely involve temporary reproduction and resolution (easing) of your head pain.  Education will also be included regarding self management to maximize your results.

Significant improvement is expected within 4-5 treatments.  After this, discussions with your physiotherapist will determine as to whether further treatment is required for you to be confident in your self management and that your symptoms have reduced/resolved or whether treatment is only required if your symptoms return.

While we know that the vast majority have significant reduction/resolution of symptoms, we cannot guarantee successful outcomes for everyone.

Headache & Migraine Service Fees

Initial Assessment 60 mins $220.00
Follow Up Sessions 40 mins $120.00